Welcome to Airportsmokingrooms.com!

Smoking on the plane with an ashtray in your armrest - those were the good old days for Smokers when flying around in the world. But these days have long passed and nowerdays smoking is an absolut no-no on every plane. Well, it is understandable these days that non-smokers don't want to be bothered in a confined space of an aircraft.


Coming from Western Europe and flying via a Gulf State to South East Asia? Or hopping over the Atlantic with a stopping flight? Connecting flight missed and the next one is not before a couple of hours? Flight delayed? A nightmare for every smoker as that can easily mean up to 12 hours or more without a cigarette.

This is where airportsmokingrooms.com comes to the rescue!


We tell you if and where you can find smoking facilities at your departing or transit Airport. The focus is on smoking facilities within the security area or an Airport, means in the non-public areas after Passport Control.


We invite you and the entire Smoker-Community to contribute your experience and knowledge regarding smoking rooms, lounges, cabins, cubicles etc., with combined effort we will provide a reliable knowledge base for the benefit of all flying smokers!