Samara - FIFA World Cup 2018


The Cosmos Arena openend in 2017 and has a capacity of 44.198 seats.
Those are the match dates:

17 June 2018 – Costa Rica vs Serbia – Group E
21 June 2018 – Denmark vs Australia – Group C
25 June 2018 – Uruguay vs Russia – Group A
28 June 2018 – Senegal vs Colombia – Group H
2 July 2018 – 1E vs 2F – Round of 16
7 July 2018 – W55 vs W56 – Quarter Final


If you plan to attend a World Cup match in the Cosmos Arena please book one of the hotels below as they located close to the stadium.


Dubki Hotel

Almira Hotel

Inter Hotel

Business Hotel Matreshka Plaza

Hotel Sovremennik


How to get to the Cosmos Arena

The Cosmos Arena is located just north of the city of Samara at roughly 15 kilometres from the city centre. It is a similar distance from the railway station, which lies on the eastern edge of the centre.

Currently, the options to reach the Cosmos Arena by public transport are limited due to its location outside of the city. Marshrutka 50 passes just west of the stadium on Demokraticheskaya Street. Catch the bus from Samara railway station or Samarskaya Street in the city centre. Marshrutka 1k runs east of the stadium along Moskovskoye Street, but it’s still a bit of an inconvenient hike to stadium.