Large Hole in Plane's Fuselage After Explosion in the Air

02/06/2016 by

In what is most flier’s worst possible nightmare, a Daallo Airlines flight made an emergency landing at the airport of Mogadishu on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016, after an explosion soon after take off from the Somali capital airport.



The blast tore a huge hole in the plane’s fuselage on the Co-Pilots side a few minutes after take off. According to Somali aviation officials, only two persons were luckily only slightly injured during the incident and no deaths have been reported. However, there are unconfirmed reports about a person falling out of the hole in the plane after the blast occured. As the exact reason remains unknown for the moment there are speculations as to why the explosion took place. Aviation experts and the pilot have attributed the explosion to a bomb.



All 74 passengers along with the complete crew were evacuated safely after the plane landed in Mogadishu. Video footage from inside the cabin shows quite a controled and calm atmosphere after the explosion. Somalia’s deputy ambassador to the UN, Mr. Awale Kullane, who was also aboard the plane, said in a Facebook post that he ‘heard a loud noise and couldn’t see anything but smoke for a few seconds.’ However, this post was removed later. According to passengers, when the smoke cleared ‘quite a chunk’ of the plane was missing. The plane in question was a A321 from Airbus.



Latest reports from Mogadishu indicate that officials from the National Intelligence and Security Agency have launched an investigation to find the cause of the explosion. Daallo Airlines is privately owned and is one of the small east African operators linking the Horn of Africa nation to neighbouring countries.