Bomb-proof lining successfully tested

02/06/2016 by

A new aviation feature called "Fly-Bag", which covers a palne’s luggage compartment with various layers of fabrics and composites material has been tested at Cotswolds Airport (UK) in June. During the tests the explosive charges were placed on decommissioned planes.

The test results show, that by using the new Fly-Bags an aircrafts’s luggage department could withstand an explosion originating from a passengers suitcase during the flight. Any damage would be limited to the interior of the plane but keep passengers safe.

Not only past disasters but also the ever increasing threat of terrorists made an invention like the Fly-Bag neccessary.


Andy Tyas, who is a researcher at the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering at Sheffield University said, that the concept of the Fly-Bag was  based on flexible lining. This lining provides resilience when containing the force of the explosion.

Most important design feature is a combination of fabrics which have high strength and heat resistance on impact. These fabrics are similar to the ones used in ballistic body armour. The fabrics act like a fine net or membrane instead of behaving like a solid wall.

A European interest group working on the development of the Fly-Bag is lead by a company called Blastech (a company founded out of the University of Sheffield) and includes partners from Germany, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Spain and The Netherlands.